5 Types of Roommates and How to Handle Them

The Rental Girl reveals the secrets to successfully share space.

Wondering where all your food went? The Taker may be the culprit.

TYPE 2: The Taker
This roommate likes to "take," er, I mean, "borrow." The items taken may not be serious, but this issue is incredibly annoying. Food: You swear you didn't eat it, but it's not there. Laundry detergent: You haven't washed a load in ages, so where did it all go? Then there's the "space taker," or the roommate who hoards territory. I know of someone who forbade his roommate from using the living room. Talk about uncomfortable!

How to deal?
Depending on the seriousness of the item, a simple talk might clear things up. Create boundaries that make unspoken rules actually spoken. Perhaps an official "Roommate Agreement" that outlines what is and is not OK might be in order. However, if after that talk personal belongings still continue to be "borrowed," it might be time to find a new roommate and file this under "lesson learned."

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