5 Types of Roommates and How to Handle Them

The Rental Girl reveals the secrets to successfully share space.

Initiate a civil discussion if your Inconsiderate Roommate's dirty dishes are driving you up the wall.

TYPE 1: The Inconsiderate Roommate
You go to pour a bowl of cereal and you grab an incredibly light container filled with air instead of milk. You go to brush your teeth and your roommate's toiletries are scattered all over the counter. Then there's the issue of those stubborn dishes that hate being washed. These are clues that you have an "I.R." — aka inconsiderate roommate.

How to deal?
Your roommate is not intentionally trying to annoy you. Have a tete-a-tete. You might be surprised to discover that your I.R. had no idea this behavior was an issue at all. We each have a unique brain and unique upbringing. Keep this in mind when you approach your roommate. Go into the conversation free of accusations. Instead, seek common ground. And imagine this: You may be behaving in an inconsiderate manner toward your roommate, too. A little humility will show your rude roomie you want to make an effort to improve the living situation as well.

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