• Christmas Lights in Atlanta, Piedmont Park

    In addition to the festive holiday lights, there's ice skating and carriage rides in Midtown Atlanta's most popular park.    See the Image

  • Estes Park, Colo.

    Published 12/12/13 in Places
    Estes Park, Colo.

    The headquarters of Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Estes Park, Colo. "The community of Estes Park played an essential role in the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915,…   See the Image

  • Estes Park, Colo.

    In September 2013, while the town of Estes Park and officials at Rocky Mountain National Park were planning its 100th Anniversary Celebration slated for the next year, the area was hit by an…   Read the Article

  • Estes Park, Colo., at Night

    Elk and people coexist peacefully in this region of Colorado that doesn't disappoint with its outdoor activities and modern-day attractions. Fitting that the main drag through Estes is called Elkhorn…   See the Gallery

  • Big Thompson Canyon Drive in Estes Park, Colo.

    From breathtaking vistas to active and endearing wildlife, Estes Park and neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park are must-sees on any trek through the Northern and Central Colorado mountains.   See the Gallery

  • YMCA of the Rockies - Estes Park Center

    Flanked on three sides by Rocky Mountain National Park, there's no outdoor or nature-inspired activity that the YMCA doesn't offer. Take your pick: from crafts to concerts, mini-golf to fishing, and…   See the Image

  • Winter Fun in Rocky Mountain National Park

    Take in beautiful vistas and wildlife watching during the winter months in Rocky Mountain National Park. Strap on snowshoes or cross country skis and traverse a variety of trails like this one with a…   See the Image

  • Unnamed Lake in Colorado

    Published 12/11/13 in Places
    Unnamed Lake in Colorado

    This is, literally, an unnamed Lake, says Brooke Burnham, Estes Park's communications director. Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, the peaks (left to right) are Otis Peak, Hallet Peak and Flattop…   See the Image

  • Moraine Park in Colorado

    Published 12/11/13 in Places
    Moraine Park in Colorado

    This flat expanse located near the Moraine Park Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park was forever changed by glaciers that halted their downhill migration, settling and eventually receding to…   See the Image

  • Marmot in Colorado

    Published 12/11/13 in Places
    Marmot in Colorado

    Some 63 animal species call the Estes Park region home, including this marmot. These mountain ground squirrels are common in the mountains and can be heard before spotted with their signature…   See the Image