• Andrea Wilkinson (left) and Kathy Rooney Enjoy the Gateway People's Plaza in  Downtown Chicago

    Andrea Wilkinson and Kathy Rooney, visiting from Florida, enjoy the Gateway People's Plaza in downtown Chicago.   See the Image

  • Flatiron rock formations

    The Flatirons are located just minutes outside of Boulder.   See the Image

  • Parlor 247 CPW New York

    This six-story home is one of the only townhouses on the park, complete with pool, park views and stunning architecture.   See the Gallery

  • Parlor Floor 247 CPW New York

    There’s no shortage of apartment buildings along Central Park, but townhouses are a rarity. 247 Central Park West, which is currently on the market for $37 million, is one of the only single-family…   Read the Article

  • Edgewater was once plagued by crime, but now it’s completely transformed thanks to all of the new development and construction.    See the Image

  • Edgewater is primarily a residential neighborhood with high-rise residential towers, historic early-20th-century homes and a park that runs along the bay called Margaret Pace Park.   See the Image

  • Master Bedroom 247 CPW New York

    The master bedroom at 247 Central Park West gets an entire floor to itself. The bay window offers views of Central Park.   See the Image

  • Exterior 247 CPW New York

    Published 05/24/13 in Houses
    Exterior 247 CPW New York

    247 Central Park West is one of the only townhouses on Central Park. It was built in 1887 by developer William Noble.   See the Image

  • New York City Park Homes 55 Central Park West

    Who wouldn't want Central Park as their front yard?   See the Gallery

  • New York City Park Homes 1 Central Park South view

    New York City may be called a concrete jungle, but if you’re lucky enough to live on a park it can be quite a different experience. Among the many perks of living on a park are access to jogging…   Read the Article