• Jayne Mansfield's Car: High Falls State Park

    A key scene with Robert Duvall and John Hurt was filmed in High Falls State Park, Jackson, Ga.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Phil Proctor, "Column"

    A crane puts the finishing touches on Proctor's contribution to the Art on the BeltLine display.   See the Image

  • The Natives Are Getting Restless

    In The Lord of the Rings, the forests literally come to life as Treebeard, the leader of the Ents, calls on his "people" to march on uprooted feet in a battle against the evil Sauron. Generations…   Read the Article

  • Martial Cottle Park

    San Jose is a humming tech-powered city about an hour south of San Francisco. But when 88-year-old Walter Cottle Lester was growing up on his grandfather's 287-acre farm in South San Jose, it was one…   Read the Article

  • Boston Common

    Published 08/23/13 in Places
    Boston Common

    Boston Common, visible from HGTV Urban Oasis 2013, spans 50 acres and bears the distinction of being the country's oldest park.   See the Image

  • Buying Into the BeltLine

    Published 08/22/13 in Houses
    Atlanta BeltLine Beauty, Curb Appeal

    We city folk throw around the word “BeltLine” a lot in our in-town goings-on. It’s become part of the vernacular, but do we really know what we’re talking about? Turns out some of us are not as…   Read the Article

  • Art on the BeltLine, "Faces and Friends"

    If you think Atlanta doesn’t have a vibrant art scene, then you’re probably watching too much of The Walking Dead. On the contrary, it’s very much alive and we're all invited to enjoy it along eight…   Read the Article

  • Art on the BeltLine, "Ballroom"

    Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the City of Atlanta’s largest temporary public art display, showcasing works of hundreds of artists along nine miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. These are a few…   See the Gallery

  • Art on the BeltLine, "Ballroom"

    Art is all along the Atlanta BeltLine; this piece by RAUM (Katherine Wright Johnson and Bud Shenefelt) hangs from an overpass.    See the Image