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Norman Rockwell's Sweet Home, Alhambra
Married Life According to Rockwell?
Bridal Bungalow
Alhambra Today
Vintage Bathroom
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rockwell on Their Wedding Day
Vintage Photo of Norman Rockwell's California Home
Shingled Bedroom
Not-So-Classic Kitchen
  • Norman Rockwell's Sweet Home, Alhambra

    Most people don’t usually associate classic American illustrator Norman Rockwell with L.A.'s palm trees and glitz, but he definitely has a history in the Golden State, and the Craftsman house that…   Read the Blog

  • Norman Rockwell's Sweet Home, Alhambra

    The iconic illustrator got married and stayed with his in-laws in this classic Craftsman-style home in Alhambra, Calif. Browse photos of the house from both then and now.   See the Gallery

  • Let the Sunshine In

    Published 01/20/14 in Celebrity
    Let the Sunshine In

    One of the home's most outstanding features is the fully enclosed sun porch, right off the dining room.   See the Image

  • Norman Rockwell Ate Here

    The famous illustrator's wedding dinner could have been laid out here.   See the Image

  • Craftsman Living Room

    Published 01/20/14 in Celebrity
    Craftsman Living Room

    The floors, woodwork and built-ins haven't changed too much since Norman Rockwell called this place home.   See the Image