• Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room

    Located in the Old Fourth Ward, Church is a favorite stop for local sinners as well as visiting celebrities in need of salvation and a stiff cocktail.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, Rathbun's

    Kevin Rathbun's steakhouse is a favorite eatery and watering hole located in the Edgewood/Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, Trader Vic's

    Located at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta, Trader Vic's is popular for its Mai Tais and eclectic tiki vibe.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, High Stepping

    At 6' 8", Geier has earned the moniker of Big Mike. He is seen here with a very limber member of the Atlanta burlesque troupe Dames Aflame.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Big Mike Geier, Viva ATL

    Big Mike has performed concerts, festivals and conventions all over the world -- from New Orleans to Berlin and back -- but calls Atlanta home.    See the Image

  • W Miami Penthouse, Living Room

    With ocean views and 24-hour room service, there is little left to want for Sterling Archer on his frequent visits to Miami, which for r and r only. All work and no play makes Sterling a dull…   See the Image

  • W Miami Penthouse, Bedroom

    Published 01/13/14 in Places
    W Miami Penthouse, Bedroom

    This sexy bedroom is a fine place for Sterling Archer to get animated.    See the Image

  • Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Exterior

    If you call yourself a “foodie” then you can stop reading because your definition of a good meal will probably not be compatible with this post. When we think of a great meal, sure, we love the…   Read the Article

  • Table 1280 High Museum

    Published 01/08/14 in Places
    Table 1280 High Museum

    Located opposite the museum, Table 1280 is a great place to dine even if you aren't taking in the exhibit.    See the Image

  • Lunacy Black Market, Downtown Atlanta

    Located on Mitchell Street, Lunacy is an oasis in a sleepy part of the city.    See the Image