How to Move

Clay Aiken's North Carolina Home: Living Room

Tips From an Insider

Important stuff to know (do you tip movers?) from someone who's moved herself.

How to Prepare Children for a Move

Do your best to keep kids involved every step of the way. Here's how.

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  • #10: Bend, Ore.

    Published 02/19/13 in Places
    #10: Bend, Ore.

    Population in 2000: 115,367Population in 2010: 157,733Change: 42,366/36.7%Known as a gateway for mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing and other outdoor sports, this scenic Oregon city has…   See the Image

  • #8: Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, Texas

    Population in 2000: 1,249,763Population in 2010: 1,716,289Change: 466,526/37.3%Home to the University of Texas and four Fortune 500 companies, this hip, high-tech city draws a diverse mix of…   See the Image

  • Most people going through the moving process would welcome a little star treatment. Instead of dealing with the stress of moving day -- from organizing to packing to looking after your kids and pets…   Read the Article

  • Even with the most careful movers, accidents can happen. Though you're paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your stuff to your new home, typical moving insurance pays about 60 cents per…   Read the Article

  • The most cost-effective moving method is, of course, doing it yourself. Renting a box truck can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a moving company. A 10-foot moving truck will generally hold…   Read the Article

  • Even legitimate movers might not spill all the costs unless you ask. To get an accurate picture of your total, find out if the following fees will apply: Packing or disconnecting fees. Even if…   Read the Article

  • Most people forget to look for packing materials in the most obvious place -- the basement, garage, and closet. You'll probably need a few boxes to tote your stuff in, but pack as much as you can in…   Read the Article

  • It's easy to figure out why you should be wary of a scheming mover -- you'll be loading up all your worldly possessions and putting them on a truck with a few workers you barely know. At best, a…   Read the Article

  • If you're hiring a professional mover to do the heavy lifting and packing, prices can vary widely between companies. To make sure you're getting the best deal possible, get at least three estimates.…   Read the Article

  • Most people choose to move in the summer months, when the kids are out of school. The least expensive time of year to move is between October and April, so if it's possible to postpone your move,…   Read the Article

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