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Clay Aiken's North Carolina Home: Living Room

Tips From an Insider

Important stuff to know (do you tip movers?) from someone who's moved herself.

How to Prepare Children for a Move

Do your best to keep kids involved every step of the way. Here's how.

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Rayworth House, Portland, OR
Rayworth House, Portland, OR, Power Lines
Arkansas Queen Anne Mansion
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Gingerbread Detail
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Bedroom 2
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Exterior
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Exterior Detail
Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Front Door
  • Arkansas Queen Anne Mansion

    For most people, moving day means oceans of bubble wrap, mounds of boxes and a load of stress. Now imagine packing up the entire house and taking it with you, as in, the kitchen sink, the kitchen —…   Read the Blog

  • Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Exterior

    This Victorian structure features over 4,000 square feet of living space as well as a 1,000-square foot rocking porch. It can be yours for free...if you can move it.   See the Gallery

  • Laughinghouse, Fawcett House, Stairs

    According to officials at the Preservation North Carolina, this Grimesland home must be moved to a nearby location.    See the Image

  • West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine

    If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to the beach – where swimming, sunbathing, fishing and boating are mere steps away – you may have also assumed that this lifestyle is financially out of reach. Many…   Read the Blog

  • Chinatown in San Francisco

    If you’ve ever gotten sucked into a marathon of HGTV’s House Hunters International (who hasn’t?), you’ve probably daydreamed about picking up and moving to a brand new country. While the idea is…   Read the Blog

  • Minneapolis, Minn.

    Graduating from college is an exciting and often scary milestone: After four years, you’re probably finally feeling settled in at your university. Now, it’s time to pack up your dorm (or apartment)…   Read the Blog

  • The Atlanta Skyline Looking South

    The Penske truck rental company naturally keeps tabs on where their trucks are going to and from. And as you can imagine they've compiled some interesting data about which cities folks are fleeing…   Read the Article

  • Turner Field, Hank Aaron Bust

    The Atlanta Braves announced this morning that they are building a brand new stadium and moving to Cobb County “in time for the first pitch of the 2017 season.” The land tract where the new facility…   Read the Article

  • Braves Stadium New Location

    The new stadium is located about 15 miles north of Turner Field near I-75 and I-285.    See the Image

  • Move to Los Angeles Infographic

    Los Angeles turns out to be the top-searched metro area when it comes to relocation, but you can see how other cities stack up and get plenty of moving tips on this infographic.   See the Image

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