• Replica of Jack Hanna's Montana Ranch, Bar

    Just off the kitchen is a custom built wet bar, which enjoys views of the North Georgia mountains.    See the Image

  • Replica of Jack Hanna's Montana Ranch, Formal Dining

    We love the views that this sprawling Georgia estate is afforded in the formal dining room as well as the rustic chandelier.   See the Image

  • Santa Barbara, Calif.

    Published 07/30/14 in Places
    Santa Barbara, Calif.

    Mediterranean-style homes and buildings dot the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif.   See the Image

  • Art of Benjamin Sack: "Hieroglyph I"

    Artist Benjamin Sack draws pen-and-ink cityscapes. This piece, "Hieroglpyh I," was inspired by New York, Paris and Istanbul.   See the Image

  • Art of Benjamin Sack: "Advancing Glacier"

    Length of time to complete: Two daysInspiration: Imagination. "I was in Alaska last year and was immensely impressed by the power of the glaciers there."   See the Image

  • Jamaica's GoldenEye

    If you're seeking a unique vacation spot this summer, this four locales wrote the book on it. Three locations were private residents/apartment homes and the fourth was a boarding house for miner's…   See the Gallery

  • Indoor Track: Fully Equipped Fitness Facility in Aspen, Colo.

    Put your game face on for this fitness-focused Rocky Mountain ranch home.   See the Gallery

  • Bathroom: Mountainview Home in Cape Town, South Africa

    Mountain views match the stunning stylish interior of this luxury home.   See the Gallery

  • Atlanta Cabins

    Published 04/23/14 in Places

    Although Atlanta is landlocked, some of the country's most beautiful mountain communities are less than two hours from the city—and they have cabins for rent. Whether you're seeking a tiny…   Read the Article

  • Living Room: Mountainview Home in Cape Town, South Africa

    In the vast sunken living room, sit back on the bespoke furniture, warm yourself by the fire pit and relish the mountain views that surround you thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and glass…   See the Image