• Blue Ridge, Georgia: $300,000

    Outdoor adventure is right outside your back door in this newly renovated cabin, tucked away in the mountains.    See the Image

  • Blue Ridge, Georgia: Mountain House Kitchen

    Granite counters and an open floor plan create a cozy mountain escape for friends and family in this 3 bedroom, 3 bath retreat.      See the Image

  • Steve McQueen's Former Idaho Ranch

    Located in Wood River Valley, this 500+-acre ranch once owned by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen showcases the best scenery Hailey, Idaho, has to offer.   See the Image

  • Steve McQueen's Former Idaho Ranch

    Today on Cool Houses Daily, we thought it fitting to highlight a home once owned by “The King of Cool.” Known as Pioneer Moon Ranch, the 500+-acre property served as an on-and-off residence for…   Read the Blog

  • Home Exterior: Idaho Pioneer Moon Ranch

    Known as Pioneer Moon Ranch, this 500+-acre property in Hailey, Idaho, was once owned by The King of Cool and his third wife, model Barbara Minty.   See the Gallery

  • No Clipper Card Required

    Published 08/15/13 in Houses

    A contractor and his wife have created a mountain haven that doesn't need a "No Solicitors" sign.   See the Gallery

  • A Hilltop Haven

    Published 08/15/13 in Houses
    A Hilltop Haven

    The tram leads to a home crafted with loving care by a contractor with many years' experience.    See the Image

  • For the Birds

    Published 08/15/13 in Houses
    For the Birds

    "Not a day goes by where I don't look out the window and marvel, 'My God, what a view,'" says Leslie Decker. "You can see a few rooftops, so you know you're connected to the downland,…   See the Image

  • 74 Mountain View Tram

    Published 08/15/13 in Houses

    "I really don't like heights," admits Leslie Decker. "But the tram is attached to terra firma, so it's all right."   See the Image