Watch Out for These Top 10 Red Flags

New paint spruces up walls, but it can also hide flaws. Learn how to spot potential problems.


  • So you have the perfect home picked out, you’re already boxing up silverware and calling movers for quotes -- but you’re putting off the most important call of all: to a mortgage broker. And with…   Read the Article

  • Personal Information Full name of all persons applying for the loan along with their social security cards (the original blue card - not a copy) Your home address, including zip code, for the…   Read the Article

  • You’ve found your dream home. Now, how exactly do you plan to pay for it? These days, financing a home goes way beyond the conventional fixed-rate loan. Buyers can enjoy lower interest rates, reduced…   Read the Article

  • Now through Dec. 31, 2012, homeowners can apply for a loan modification with lenders under Obama’s $75 billion refinance and mortgage modification program. The Treasury Department says the “Making…   Read the Article

  • A lousy economy, rising unemployment and a dismal long-term outlook translate to ideal financing conditions for new-home buyers. A general malaise bordering on depression is wreaking havoc on…   Read the Article

  • I seriously dislike hypothetical questions. I mean, really. I have plenty of people’s real life problems to deal with, so the idea of trying to resolve issues that don’t even exist drives me nuts.…   Read the Article

  • Mortgage -- what used to be such a dry, even boring financial topic is now riddled with emotional landmines and drama potential.Maybe, like lots of Americans, your home equity is upside down and you…   Read the Article

  • Once upon a time, in a real estate market far, far away, you could be a deceased dog with no job and bad credit and still qualify for a home loan. For better or worse, those days are gone (and I’m…   Read the Article

  • Once you’ve bought a home with me, you’re a client for life. Ask my buyers, they can’t get rid of me! I just feel like if you walked into Nordstrom and dropped a half a mil on shoes, they’d probably…   Read the Article

  • You worked for years to improve your credit score. You saved every penny you made and then moved in with your parents to save a few more. You surfed real estate listing sites until your Chihuahua…   Read the Article

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