Watch Out for These Top 10 Red Flags

New paint spruces up walls, but it can also hide flaws. Learn how to spot potential problems.


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Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, at the 2012 Congressional Hearing.
Steve Branton
  • Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, at the 2012 Congressional Hearing.

    JPMorgan Chase has been swiped with a large bear claw from the administration's Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. It's on the hook for penalties to the historic settlement tune of $13…   Read the Article

  • San Francisco Real Estate Signs

    A new report discussed in Forbes Magazine lists 20 cities with an increase in real estate prices. It's no surprise that San Francisco is at the #2 spot (after Las Vegas) with a 24.5% increase. But…   Read the Article

  • Mortgage Signing

    While more and more straight couples are opting to live together without a marriage license, recent Supreme Court decisions have enabled LGBT couples to tie the knot, and increasing numbers are…   Read the Article

  • There's Help For Homebuyers In California

    Searching for a home is one thing: You know how many bedrooms you need, your preferred school districts and your deal breakers. Searching for a mortgage loan is a whole different pain point,…   Read the Article

  • If a mortgage assumption was a person, he or she would be the personal injury attorney showing up right after a car accident: Your eyes would meet as you lay there in the street, among shards of…   Read the Article

  • When real estate prices were on the rise, it seemed like everyone had tapped into their home’s equity. But now, of course, with homes in a freefall you don’t hear much about home equity loans.…   Read the Article

  • It’s not all doom and despair out there in the land of real estate. Buying and selling houses may seem like a perfectly good way to trigger a nervous breakdown, but when it comes to refinancing, if…   Read the Article

  • With mortgage meltdowns, plummeting home prices and soaring foreclosure rates constantly in the news, it’s no wonder people are wary of the housing market these days. But contrary to popular…   Read the Article

  • Ownership has its privileges -- tax privileges, that is. For generations, homeownership has been a core element of the American dream. Perhaps because of this, promoting homeownership through…   Read the Article

  • With the nation possibly facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and as many as 6 million homeowners at risk of foreclosure, we all need to review our finances and make sure we…   Read the Article

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