• Justin Bieber Rents: Pool With a View

    The posh pad sits on a half acre of prime Beverly Hills real estate. It has an infinity pool with a stunning view of the city, the ocean and the surrounding greenbelt.   See the Image

  • Justin Bieber's new bachelor pad rental sits at the end of a cul de sac, has a state of the art security system, and garage parking for seven cars. But we still think ambitious paparazzi might be…   See the Image

  • Justin Bieber Rents: Dining Room

    The open floor plan allows for formal dining while still being connected with the rest of the house.   See the Image

  • Justin Bieber Rents: Atrium/Courtyard

    A giant a giant courtyard/atrium in the center of the house allows for outdoor living and entertaining with the all important privacy a pop star needs.   See the Image

  • Justin Bieber Rents: Bedroom

    Here's one of the six bedrooms that a member of Bieber's posse might enjoy. There are also seven bathrooms, so no one gets underfoot.   See the Image

  • Justin Bieber Rents: Aquarium or Modern Mansion?

    The 6,537 square foot mansion was designed by renowned architect Ed Niles for developer Raffi Cohen who intended to use it as his own residence, but got married while it was being built and decided…   See the Image

  • Jane and Jann Wenner’s NYC Brownstone: Kitchen

    The Upper West Side home of the Rolling Stone co-founders is on the market for $17.95 million.   See the Gallery

  • Bryan Peele, Founder of the Estate Manager's Coalition

    Bryan Peele, founder of the Estate Manager's Coalition, reveals everything you need to know about running the the lives of the rich and powerful.   See the Gallery

  • A Luxury Estate Manager's Many Tasks: Security Expert

    While the homeowners will most likely hire a security company to guard the premises, someone has to find them, contract them and manage them. The Estate Manager usually walks the entire grounds on a…   See the Image

  • A Luxury Estate Manager's Many Tasks: Real Estate Expert

    Sometimes Estate Managers will be sent to check out properties in advance, so the client doesn't have to schlep all over the area looking for a new home or vacation property to buy. Although the…   See the Image