• From Dated to Modern

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John puts a modern addition on a traditional home -- and makes it work!   Watch the Video

  • Front Yard Courtyard

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    Curb Appeal tackles a midcentury modern home's uninviting front courtyard.   Watch the Video

  • Boxy Modern Makeover

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    John's challenge: to change the look of an architect's self-designed home.   Watch the Video

  • Midcentury Goes Modern

    Published 03/12/14 in Houses

    The team helps out newlyweds who can't afford to update their home.   Watch the Video

  • After: Blooming Abode

    HGTV's Curb Appeal team comes to the rescue, taking these houses from yawn-some to awesome. See photos of dramatic makeovers and get inspired to spruce up your own home's exterior and landscaping.   See the Gallery

  • After: Georgian Gem

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Georgian Gem

    Curb Appeal: The Block designer John Gidding accented the classic Georgian architectural elements to update this California home. However, the blue exterior color adds a more modern touch fitting…   See the Image

  • Before: Boring in Beige

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: Boring in Beige

    With Spanish architectural details on an otherwise bungalow-style home, this home exterior was suffering from an identity crisis.   See the Image

  • After: Adorable Abode

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Adorable Abode

    Designer John Gidding married two very different architectural styles by adding colorful details to a beige home. Hand-painted tiles, a colorful stained-glass window and bold white trim work…   See the Image

  • Before: A Blank Slate

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    Before: A Blank Slate

    Often referred to as the "haunted house" of the block, this corner home served as a prime spot for Halloween gatherings. Designer John Gidding was determined to keep the integrity of the Queen Anne…   See the Image

  • After: Beauty in Blue

    Published 02/28/14 in Houses
    After: Beauty in Blue

    Incorporating seven colors into the home's exterior, Gidding also personalized the landscaping with two pathways in the shape of the number five to symbolize the homeowners' five children.   See the Image