• The Augustine Hotel is named after the still functioning, Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery, which was established in the 13th century. Guests of hotel can peruse the private library…   See the Image

  • As seen on Castles on Camera, HGTV got an inside look at Highclere Castle, the famous backdrop for the smash-hit series Downton Abbey. The 6,000-acre, 30,000-square-foot estate encompasses a library,…   See the Image

  • Kourtney Kardashian's Library/Office

    Something tells us the color-coordinated books are more for show than study in this black-and-white themed home office/library shared by Kourtney Kardashian and Scot Disick.   See the Image

  • The large library is fit for a four star general.   See the Image

  • The laid-back actor's chill library room looks suitable for serious talks. Love the old-fashioned rolling ladder to reach books and objects on the upper shelves. Now, this is a very different space…   See the Image

  • 2014RESNYC-Library

    Published 01/03/14 in Houses

    If your books have been piling up in random corners of the house, maybe it's time to give them a home. The floor-to-ceiling shelves in this Chelsea duplex provide a perfect, cozy setting for quiet…   See the Image

  • NYCE69TH-Library

    Published 12/19/13 in Houses

    The two-tiered library features black walnut bookcases, an extravagant ceiling mural and a spiral staircase connecting the two levels. The wall features floor-to-ceiling stenciled text from Rudyard…   See the Image

  • Home of Julio Jones, Library

    The library overlooks the beautifully landscaped yard and has custom built-in shelves for many leather-bound books as well as a coffered ceiling.    See the Image

  • Stepping Up the Library

    Published 12/11/13 in Houses
    Stepping Up the Library

    Fabulous libraries, particularly shelves and staircases, were the theme of LittleDallilasBookshelf's popular Tumblr post.   See the Image

  • Celebrity Stylist Michael O'Connor's Library

    Fashion expert Michael O’Connor is one of America’s leading voices on style, jewelry and accessories for over 25 years. In addition to his series, MovieStyle with Michael O'Connor on ReelzChannel,…   Read the Blog