• As the man used to say, "Dis wuz da place." Our Tommy-gun-totting, baby-faced gangster Al Capone owned the speakeasy Stratosphere Club inside the landmark 40-story Jewelry Building designed…   See the Image

  • East view from the Board of Trade Building. Just to the right, in the bottom corner, is the rooftop prison exercise yard of the triangular Metropolitan Correctional Center where you can catch…   See the Image

  • Architects Adler and Sullivan's magnificent Auditorium Building opened in 1890 and the firm moved into creative space at the top of the world on the 16th floor of the companion Auditorium Tower,…   See the Image

  • Views: Scenic Penthouse in Valencia, Spain

    The rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of Valencia's interesting mix of ancient and modern, including Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences.   See the Image

  • The Science Museum: Scenic Penthouse in Valencia, Spain

    With its captivating mixture of ancient and modern, Valencia remains one of Europe’s key cultural attractions. Constructed from the modular development of crosswise sections that repeat along…   See the Image

  • Guest Bedroom: Trocadéro Duplex in Paris, France

    A large master suite and four guest suites provide spacious accommodations for hosts and guests. Massive French doors offer magnificent views and the sounds of the bustling city.   See the Image

  • Balcony: Trocadéro Duplex in Paris, France

    French doors open off the living area onto the balcony, which offers expansive vistas of the city and Eiffel Tower. The 11,345-square-foot apartment was originally built in 1900 and contains 20…   See the Image

  • View: Trocadéro Duplex in Paris, France

    A balcony surrounds the fifth floor and affords spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars.   See the Image

  • Classic Hollywood Locations: TCM/StarLine Tour Bus

    Los Angeles residents and tourists alike are usually either stunned or thrilled to find out they’re living, staying, working or shopping in the very same locations where Hollywood legends were…   Read the Blog

  • Classic Hollywood Locations: Union Station

    Not only is L.A.'s Union Station a main transportation hub, but it's the location of films like The Way We Were, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Gable and Lombard, Catch Me If You Can and many, many other…   See the Image