• Bay Bridge Book: Troll

    Published 10/09/13 in Places
    Bay Bridge Book: Troll

    A troll made by a blacksmith/artist was snuck into the rebuilt bridge by ironworkers after the 1989 earthquake. He was safely removed during construction of the White Span, and sources are mum about…   See the Image

  • Bay Bridge Book: Assembly

    Published 10/09/13 in Places
    Bay Bridge Book: Assembly

    Every aspect of the bridge, from its design and construction to the flora and fauna that live nearby, is covered in MacDonald's illustrations.    See the Image

  • Bay Bridge Book: The White Span

    Published 10/09/13 in Places
    Bay Bridge Book: The White Span

    Where even the most beautiful photographs may, after a while, make one's eyes glaze over, the illustrations invite sustained study and neatly highlight many, many cool details.    See the Image

  • Bay Bridge Book: Concepts

    Published 10/09/13 in Places
    Bay Bridge Book: Concepts

    The Bay Bridge Design Task Force crowdsourced concepts for the bridge's appearance from the public; this is one of the ideas as seen through MacDonald's eyes.   See the Image

  • Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Bike Tours

    Bicycle Tours of Atlanta participants enjoyed an early fall ride through Oakland Cemetery last week.    See the Image

  • Bay Bridge At Night

    You might have heard about a rather large (6.9) earthquake that hit the Bay Area during the World Series in 1989. It brought the city to a halt for a month or more, and collapsed a section of the…   Read the Article

  • He was "the cat every man wanted to be, and every woman wanted to love," says Willie Dixon (Cedric the Entertainer) in the 2008 biopic Cadillac Records, a chronicle of the rise of Chicago label Chess…   Read the Article

  • Muddy Waters' 4339 S. Lake Park Ave. home, a historic landmark where the Chess Records giant lived. It's now on Landmarks Illinois' most endangered list.   See the Image

  • Coignet Building NYC

    If you've ever driven or biked Third Avenue in Gowanus in recent years, chances are you came across the Coignet building. Standing proud on the corner of Third Avenue and Third Street, the landmarked…   Read the Article

  • Coignet Building NYC

    Published 09/13/13 in Places
    Coignet Building NYC

    The mysterious Coignet building in Gowanus is the subject of Max Kutner's short film, "At the Corner of 3rd and 3rd." The structure has been getting attention for its proximity to the new Whole Foods…   See the Image