• Winchester Mystery House: Exterior, Night

    This 24,000-square-foot, 40-bedroom, 13-bathroom Victorian can be yours for the cool price of $75 million. (Psych. It can't.)    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Chief Little Fawn

    Sarah Winchester purportedly erected this statue of Chief Little Fawn — who knows if he really existed or what tribe he was supposed to belong to — as an apology for the thousands of Native Americans…   See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Grand Ballroom

    A silver chandelier. Six different hardwoods. Stained-glass windows inscribed with obscure Shakespeare quotes. And the whole thing was sealed off after the 1906 earthquake.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Welcome to Weirdness

    For 38 years, 24 hours a day, a team of craftsmen toiled away to create a labyrinthine Queen Anne boondoggle.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Venetian Dining Room

    This past summer a fresh wave of intrigue swept over the house as a tour guide snapped 18 seconds of video of this chandelier swinging for no apparent reason.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Stairway to Nowhere

    An abrupt change of plans could lead to architectural oddities like a flight of stairs leading straight into a wall. There are 40 staircases with a total of 376 steps; one staircase features 2-inch…   See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Stables

    Far from just being a legendary folly, the Winchester house was also a 160 farm with profitable prune, apricot and walnut groves.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Spiderweb Window

    Sarah Winchester designed these windows herself. She made sure the house was filled with hidden webs, daisies, moons and rainbows — and many details in groups of 13.    See the Image

  • NYC Cemetery Story

    Published 10/28/13 in Places
    NYC Cemetery Story

    This four-bedroom townhouse sits across the street from Brooklyn's historic Green-Wood Cemetery, where Leonard Bernstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat are both buried.   See the Image

  • The Incredible Vanishing Bridge

    When you get tired of Instagramming, Vine-ing and plain-old tweeting your trip across the "White Span," as the Eastern span of the new Bay Bridge is called, you can amuse yourself by looking at…   Read the Article