• San Francisco Gotham: The Roxie Theater

    So many elegant theaters to choose from, but this funky old movie house might be the most likely site for a young Bruce Wayne to see Zorro with his parents...    See the Image

  • San Francisco Gotham: Grace Cathedral

    The mysterious Gothic architecture is a natural - and we can just see The Riddler creating a human board game in its labyrinth.    See the Image

  • San Francisco Gotham: Cupid's Span

    It's really a colossal public-art piece by Claes Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen, but come on: Deadshot, right?    See the Image

  • San Francisco Gotham: The Joker's Henchman?

    The streets here are filled with folks who could be supervillans ... or just cosplayers.    See the Image

  • The Mayor

    Sorry, Ed Lee. Though Gavin Newsom has left City Hall to serve as California's Lieutenant Governor, but he's the perfect candidate for that handsome city servant who you think you can trust... or can…   See the Image

  • San Francisco Gotham: The California Academy of Science

    The revolutionary green roof of the science museum in Golden Gate Park would make the perfect "underground" BatCave.    See the Image

  • San Francisco Gotham: Fort Funston

    If Bruce Wayne were looking for a way to use his cape to give the illusion of flying, surely he'd call in the hang gliders of the Fellow Feathers.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Welcome to Weirdness

    Once upon a time, there was a woman who thought she was cursed, and that the only way to escape this curse was to build a house, room by room by room ... by room by room by room, to the haunting…   Read the Article

  • Winchester Mystery House: Exterior, Night

    The heiress to a huge fortune thought the only thing that would save her was a never-ending project. In the end, the house won.   See the Gallery

  • Winchester Mystery House: Sewing Room

    There were very few mirrors in the house, purportedly because spirits don't like them — they serve as a reminder that they've left the earthly plane.    See the Image