• Winchester Mystery House: Stairway to Nowhere

    An abrupt change of plans could lead to architectural oddities like a flight of stairs leading straight into a wall. There are 40 staircases with a total of 376 steps; one staircase features 2-inch…   See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Stables

    Far from just being a legendary folly, the Winchester house was also a 160 farm with profitable prune, apricot and walnut groves.    See the Image

  • Winchester Mystery House: Spiderweb Window

    Sarah Winchester designed these windows herself. She made sure the house was filled with hidden webs, daisies, moons and rainbows — and many details in groups of 13.    See the Image

  • NYC Cemetery Story

    Published 10/28/13 in Places
    NYC Cemetery Story

    This four-bedroom townhouse sits across the street from Brooklyn's historic Green-Wood Cemetery, where Leonard Bernstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat are both buried.   See the Image

  • The Incredible Vanishing Bridge

    When you get tired of Instagramming, Vine-ing and plain-old tweeting your trip across the "White Span," as the Eastern span of the new Bay Bridge is called, you can amuse yourself by looking at…   Read the Article

  • Berkeley Building in Boston

    Published 10/18/13 in Places
    Berkeley Building in Boston

    The Berkeley Building (also known as the Old John Hancock Building) was built in 1947 and is topped by a weather beacon with red and blue lights that predict the weather. True Bostonians have…   See the Image

  • Logo Meets Reality

    Published 10/18/13 in Places
    Logo Meets Reality

    On the left, the real bridge. On the right, the updated logo. Classic, modern and futuristic, all in one.    See the Image

  • Logo Meets Reality

    You know you're becoming a Bay Area denizen when you're telling someone you're going into San Francisco from one of the surrounding areas and you simply say you're "going to the city." Oh, sure,…   Read the Article

  • Phantom City App: Information Screen

    As you stand on a familiar site, you get an explanation of why an alternate version was suggested, before you see the image of the plans.    See the Image

  • Phantom City App: Location Name

    Published 10/11/13 in Places
    Phantom City App: Location Name

    When the user clicks on a dot, an introductory screen tells you the name of the project that never was.    See the Image