• Interactive Computer Screen: Lincoln Elementary School in Anaheim, Calif.

    That may look like a regular white board the teacher and student are writing on, but it's actually an interactive computer screen. Kids sick at home can follow along on their tablets.   See the Image

  • Flexible Learning Pods: Lincoln Elementary School in Anaheim, Calif.

    After a complete redesign by California design firm BCA Architects, classrooms at the Lincoln Elementary School now feature flexible learning pods that can be reconfigured depending on what types of…   See the Image

  • Seattle, WA Kid's Bedroom

    Published 04/10/13 in Houses
    Seattle, WA Kid's Bedroom

    This huge kid's bedroom is the perfect place for imagination to run wild. The bedroom features a reading nook and an animal theme.   See the Image

  • Portland, OR Kid's Bedroom

    Published 04/10/13 in Houses
    Portland, OR Kid's Bedroom

    This kid's bedroom is a wonderful place for a kid to hangout.   See the Image

  • These fun houses display some of the coolest design elements for the younger members of the family.   See the Gallery

  • When you're renting with children, the priorities in looking for a new home tend to center around finding good school districts, nearby parks and recreation, and neighborhoods populated by other…   Read the Article

  • Telluride, Colorado Game Room

    The game room is a kid's dream — and maybe a few adults' as well. Everything from Foosball to race car driving will keep you busy for hours, and you may even burn off that second helping of…   See the Image

  • Scottsdale, Arizona Children's Suite

    Younger guests will love the children's suite, where they'll find their very own space for playing with new toys from Santa or watching favorite holiday films.   See the Image

  • Wayne Brady's Sherman Oaks Home: Playhouse

    A cartoon-like playhouse adds a playful touch to Wayne Brady’s sophisticated home in Sherman Oaks, Calif.   See the Image