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Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's Brooklyn Mansion: Playroom
Colorful NYC Apartment: Kid's Room
Colorful NYC Apartment: Kid's Room Mural
Celebrity Home Spotlight: Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Fun House
Celebrity Home Spotlight: Steve Wozniak's Kid's Room
Teresa and Joe Giudice's New Jersey Mansion: Kids Room
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick NYC Townhouse: Kids' Room
Sunset Idea House: Kids Room
San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014: Little Roamer's Room
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson’s Apartment: Daughter’s Bedroom

    Ólafur’s daughter’s bedroom features a wealth of stuffed animals, books and other toys. “I just bought the car at a flea market in Madagascar,” he says.   See the Image

  • Krista Watterworth is a television personality, interior designer and founder of her own company – Krista Watterworth Design Studio. One of HGTV's go-to designers, Krista shared photos from her…   See the Image

  • After: Cozy Kids' Suite

    As part of a "kid's suite," this bedroom is a creative use of the space. The Staged to Perfection crew unified the three rooms with a bright yellow color carried throughout all three…   See the Image

  • HGTV Smart Home 2014: Kid's Den

    One of the home's two portable security cameras monitors the den, allowing parents to keep a close eye on kids while attending other tasks in the home.   See the Image

  • Taken on and off the market throughout the last several years, this modern-day fortress is a perfect example of the billionaire bunker trend. Located in the Hollywood Hills, the gated property sits…   See the Image

  • Kid's Bedroom: Eddie Murphy's Former Compound in Granite Bay, Calif.

    The actor's home features individually themed kid's bedrooms, including this Shrek-themed room. (Notice Shrek and Donkey peering out from the mural on the ceiling.) Murphy lent his voice to the…   See the Image

  • Located at 308 S. Coconut Lane in Miami Beach, this two-story home has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms and two half baths. You'll find a fabulously decorated interior spanning more than 7,000…   See the Image

  • “We always tell our clients that the secret to living a neat life is to make sure that everything has a home. Like these neatly labeled jars. Label baskets and bins to contain the clutter and help…   See the Image

  • The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Fla.

    Set in Downtown Tampa, the Florida Aquarium features a whopping million-gallon fish tank and more than 20,000 aquatic animals and plants. The little ones will enjoy watching the daily penguin…   See the Image

  • These home robots handle tasks from security patrol to remote cooking.   See the Gallery