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Celebrity Home Spotlight: Jerry Rice's Palace in Atherton, Calif.
Celebrity Home Spotlight: Jerry Rice's Crafts Room
Jerry Rice's Atherton Estate
Jerry Rice Estate - Gym
Jerry Rice Estate - Library
Jerry Rice Estate - Garages
Jerry Rice Estate - Breakfast Nook
Jerry Rice Estate - Pool
Jerry Rice Estate - Gift-Wrapping Room
Jerry Rice Estate - Home Theater
  • Kirstie Alley's Maine Cottage

    As celebrities and their professional dance partners waltz their way into season 19 of the popular show, check out the luxurious homes of 16 past 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants.   See the Gallery

  • Jerry Rice's Atherton Estate

    Here is some well-earned advice: If you are going to ask your resident 49ers fan what's so great about Jerry Rice, make yourself a bowl of popcorn first. Because you're going to be listening for a…   Read the Article

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Front Entrance

    Six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and the most ridonkulous workout room you have ever seen: The only thing it's missing is those three Super Bowl rings.   See the Gallery

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Yard

    Even in Atherton, considered the Beverly Hills of the Bay Area, Rice's estate stands out as a stunner. The buyer got a heck of a steal.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Outdoor Dining Room

    Rice envisioned a home where the family could gather, yet still have plenty of nooks and crannies for time alone.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Family Room

    The family room has a full bar, which really takes the edge off of family time. It also housed some $2 million of electronic equipment, including several TVs so they could watch all the Sunday games…   See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Dining Room

    Rice appeared on the Rachael Ray show, where he made Philly Cheesesteak Crostini. This is probably not where he ate it.   See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Living Room

    The family tended to congregate in less formal rooms, but this living room has its own elegant charm.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Foyer

    The building of this home reportedly took a year to plan and two more to build to Rice's famously exacting standards.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Front Entrance

    Set back 250 feet from the road, the French chateau-style home provides a level of privacy and security fit for a legend.    See the Image