Jerry Rice

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Jerry Rice's Atherton Estate
Jerry Rice Estate - Gym
Jerry Rice Estate - Library
Jerry Rice Estate - Garages
Jerry Rice Estate - Breakfast Nook
Jerry Rice Estate - Pool
Jerry Rice Estate - Gift-Wrapping Room
Jerry Rice Estate - Home Theater
Jerry Rice Estate - Yard
Jerry Rice Estate - Outdoor Dining Room
  • Jerry Rice's Atherton Estate

    Here is some well-earned advice: If you are going to ask your resident 49ers fan what's so great about Jerry Rice, make yourself a bowl of popcorn first. Because you're going to be listening for a…   Read the Article

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Front Entrance

    Six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and the most ridonkulous workout room you have ever seen: The only thing it's missing is those three Super Bowl rings.   See the Gallery

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Family Room

    The family room has a full bar, which really takes the edge off of family time. It also housed some $2 million of electronic equipment, including several TVs so they could watch all the Sunday games…   See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Dining Room

    Rice appeared on the Rachael Ray show, where he made Philly Cheesesteak Crostini. This is probably not where he ate it.   See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Living Room

    The family tended to congregate in less formal rooms, but this living room has its own elegant charm.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Foyer

    The building of this home reportedly took a year to plan and two more to build to Rice's famously exacting standards.    See the Image

  • Jerry Rice Estate - Front Entrance

    Set back 250 feet from the road, the French chateau-style home provides a level of privacy and security fit for a legend.    See the Image