• St. Croix Island

    Published 02/24/14 in Places
    St. Croix Island

    On this episode of House Hunters International, Texans Chad and Emily have to decide whether they want to buy or build a new home in picturesque St. Croix Island.   See the Image

  • Couple Seek Privacy in Kauai

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    A Pittsburgh couple look in Kauai for a private home with a good kitchen.   Watch the Video

  • Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

    Looking to get away from dreary Seattle weather, college students Chris and Chelsea set forth to find the perfect new home in sunny Australia.   See the Image

  • Paradise Found on Kauai, HI

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    An outdoor-loving New Hampshire family search for their paradise on Kauai.   Watch the Video

  • Settling Down in Kauai, Hawaii

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    An Air Force family decide on Kauai for their dream home and paradise life.   Watch the Video

  • Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

    When house hunters Archie and Erica decide to move their family to the Great Barrier Island off the coast of New Zealand, they also hope to find a home that will accommodate their desire for living a…   See the Image

  • Family 'Starter' Home in Oahu

    Published 02/24/14 in Houses

    The Army stations newlyweds in Oahu putting them on a dream-home search.   Watch the Video

  • Trading Busy Honolulu for Oahu

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    A couple leave busy Honolulu for peaceful Oahu and a plantation style home.   Watch the Video

  • Baltimoreans 'Big Island' Move

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    A Baltimore couple look for a new life and home on Hawaii's Big Island.   Watch the Video

  • Fresh Start on Big Island, HI

    Published 02/24/14 in Places

    From NY to the Big Island, this couple search for a home and new beginning.   Watch the Video