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Ann Arbor, Michigan — University of Michigan
Lubbock, Texas — Texas Tech University
Tallahassee, Florida — Florida State University
Knoxville, Tennessee — University of Tennessee
Tucson, Arizona — University of Arizona
Baton Rouge, Louisiana — Louisiana State University
Evanston, Illinois — Northwestern University
Louisville, Kentucky — University of Louisville
Columbus, Ohio — Ohio State University
  • #1 Minor Bathroom RemodelAverage return at resale: 102 percentIt costs about $10,500 to replace the tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures. You’ll get back an average of $10,700…   Read the Article

  • Facebook CEO Adjusts His Privacy Settings

    It's fashionable these days to act all hatey about Facebook, usually in one's Facebook update, but let's face it: It's reached full saturation in our shared culture at this point, for better or…   Read the Article

  • Palo Alto, California — Stanford University

    Known as the "birthplace of the Silicon Valley," 94 foreclosure properties sold in Cardinal territory for an average price of $350,886 during the first half of the year — an astounding…   See the Image

  • For parents, buying a home off campus for their kids to live in can be a very pragmatic business decision. Investing in college-town real estate can also make sense for alumni or other investors looking for a property that generates a steady cash flow in a location they love — if they're willing to put up with the heightened potential for property damage, continuous repairs and occasional evictions from student tenants who don't feel responsible for taking care of the property.

    It's the time of year when proud parents are sending their kids off to college. What better time to consider the best college towns for investing in foreclosed homes?   See the Gallery

  • Benefit of Investing in Foreclosures

    With an average foreclosure discount of 44 percent, these 10 college towns offer parents, alumni and other prospective real estate investors plenty of opportunity to purchase a bargain property…   See the Image

  • The early bird might get the worm, but the real estate investor who waits to sell gets the biggest advantages from the IRS. Here are some tax tips for investors that will help you get the most out…   Read the Article

  • It’s hard not to look through real estate listings in the newspaper or on the Internet and dream -- and not just when you’d like to find a perfect home for yourself. With prices down significantly…   Read the Article

  • A group of people march single file off a bus and survey the place where they’ve arrived. As they walk forward, they scan the structure in front of them, murmuring comments to one another: “This…   Read the Article

  • These days, investors are flooding buyer’s markets throughout the country, honing in on properties in cities with healthy economies. If you purchase a rental home in a different state, you may find…   Read the Article