• Pool: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    The stunning indoor pool is framed by decorative archways, adding to the Moroccan appeal of the space. Large open windows allow the room to feel open as if it were an outdoor space.   See the Image

  • Patio: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    Lounge outdoors Moroccan style in this private patio area. A plush area rug and sitting cushions provide the perfect space for taking in the evening view.    See the Image

  • Home Exterior: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    Riad “The Secret” is situated in the neighborhood of Dar el Bacha, which is considered best part of the old town of Marrakech. The approximately 23,681-square-foot property is located in the heart of…   See the Image

  • Outdoor Dining: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    A spacious outdoor dining area allows for a covered, private space for entertaining. The dining table and chairs accommodate several people, while a bench seat along the decorative wall provides…   See the Image

  • Dining Table: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    Using an all-over gray black, white and metallic color palette, the dining room is a stunning space for entertaining guests. A glass table is surrounded by black chairs that mirror the floor design…   See the Image

  • Walkway: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    The beautiful home is imbedded in a lavish lush park-like garden that includes beautiful courtyards and a vast roof deck patio. This outdoor walkway provides quick access to the outdoor dining…   See the Image

  • Ceiling: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    An artistic ceiling offers a contemporary look above the home's courtyard area. Natural light shines through the various openings, allowing the space to feel open.    See the Image

  • Living Room: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    Quilted blue leather couches are paired with a multi-color area rug to add bright splashes of color to the living room area. Decorative wall panels provide a bit of privacy to the space, while…   See the Image

  • Hallway: Lavish Mansion in Marrakech, Morocco

    Like many of the spaces in the home, the hallway features arched ceilings that add to the grandiosity of the space. The neutral floor tiles and walls are accented by pops of texture and color, as…   See the Image

  • Bahamas Boat House: Living Room or Boat Slip?

    This incredible island property looks like something James Bond would love: It allows you to live in style while parking your designer boat in your living room.   See the Gallery