Inside Ron Burgundy's Swanky Bachelor Pad

The nation’s most notorious anchorman has an interior style all his own, with what looks like some notable design touches from one of the most famous artists of the day.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures San Diego's most beloved news team, weatherman Brick Tamland, anchorman Ron Burgundy, sportscaster Champ Kind and reporter Brian Fantana, rejoice in their new, ultra-hip bachelor pad in New York. Say, is that a Patrick Nagel portrait of Burgundy on the wall? 

When you take ultimate pride in your coif, both facial and cranial, and never step out unless you're sporting superlative sartorial splendor, it stands to reason that you’d be equally discerning about the design of your living space. Such is the case with GNN Anchornan Ron Burgundy.

Burgundy had a big year, moving from New York back to San Diego, then returning to New York, and each time he managed to take his interior surroundings to a new taste level.

In San Diego, even though crack reporter Brian Fantana had done quite well for himself, working from a sparkling, mansion with hot and cold running kittens, he was willing to drop it all in a heartbeat in order to take a road trip with Burgundy and the old news team, in Burgundy’s customized Winnebago.

How could they resist traveling in a vehicle adorned with a sweet custom mural of Burgundy and Jesus, and fully equipped with luxuries like a bag of bowling balls, a terrarium filled with scorpions and a deep fat fryer to whip up a mean batch of chimichangas while the RV is on cruise control?

But that was nothing in comparison to the posh digs that awaited them in New York City once they arrived, somewhat intact. A hip bachelor pad that could accommodate all four of the quarto amigos, Burgundy, Fontana, weatherman Brick Tamland and sportscaster Champ Kind, had been fully prepared for them. Whammy!

It featured high fashion black, white and chrome decor with pinball tables, pool tables, game tables, pub tables, white leather furniture and a wet bar from which they could swill plenty of scotchy scotch scotch scotch. What more could a late '70s swinger desire?

Of course the true pes de resistance, the design factor that made their new digs truly Metropolitan Home worthy, or at least Playboy worthy, was the portraiture, which looks like it could have been painted by master artist Patrick Nagel himself.

Each member of the news team had his own, larger than life headshot strategically reduced in glamorous, bold, unmistakable Nagel-style. Even Baxter, Burgundy’s faithful mixed breed, got the Nagel treatment.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures Ron Burgundy's devoted dog Baxter, styling in his TV anchor doghouse, would have one word for his Nagel-esque portrait: "Woof!"

Now the giant lounge office the news team shares is also pretty swanky, with wood paneling, orange and rust shag carpet and furniture, and a Mondrian-inspired wall cabinet that hides a secret hidey hole for recreational devices.

But nothing rivals those Nagel portraits. Rumor has it that Warhol himself envied those commissions. It seems nothing is too good for the world’s most notorious anchorman, as The Legend Continues.    

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