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What's It Like to Live in a Micro-Unit Apartment? 5 New Yorkers Will Tell You Firsthand

The Museum of the City of New York invites NYC residents to try living in tight quarters — and tweet about it.

Photo courtesy of Resource Furniture and Clei Could you live in a 350-square-foot apartment? Five New Yorkers will be put to the test at the Museum of the City of New York.

As we've mentioned before, micro-unit housing is coming soon to the blocks of New York — and like most New Yorkers, you're probably wondering what on earth it would be like to live in a 325-square-foot apartment. The Museum of the City of New York is capitalizing on that curiosity with a special event, Micro-Units: Can You Really Live Here? As part of its ongoing micro-unit exhibit, Living Large While Living Small, the museum has invited five New Yorkers to take turns living in an actual micro-unit apartment for 24 hours at a time. You can visit the participants during the museum's operating hours, or follow them via Twitter (@MuseumofCityNY) and Instagram (museumofcityny).

The three-day experiment kicks off on Friday, and here's the lowdown on the participants:

Friday, Aug. 16: Taylor and Emily T.
Taylor, 20, and Emily, 21, will live in the apartment as roommates. Taylor is currently housed in a triple dorm room at Pratt, so perhaps a micro-unit will be an upgrade. Follow them via Instagram (vividbrushstrokes).

Saturday, Aug. 17: Challie and Lina
Challie, a design director, and her partner, Lina, an attorney, will show the world what it's like to live as a couple in a tiny space. Their current home is a 650-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, so they're accustomed to cozy living — but not micro-unit cozy. Follow them via Twitter (@resourcfurnitur) and Instagram (resourcefurniture).

Sunday, Aug. 18: Emily M.
Emily, a 27-year-old employee at the museum, currently lives on the Upper West Side with her boyfriend. Their one-bedroom apartment reportedly has plenty of closet space, so micro-unit living could be a crunch.

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