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What Does a $125 Million Home Look Like in NYC?

There are luxury homes, then there are luxury homes. Here are six NYC apartments priced in the high eight-figure to nine-figure range.

Photo by: Zillow The triplex penthouse at the distinguished Pierre Hotel is currently on the market for $125 million.

New Yorkers don't blink an eye at seven-figure homes. Homes that cost $20 million and $30 million? Impressive, but not uncommon. It's once you get into the high eight-figure range that eyes really start to widen. The Real Deal recently took a look at NYC homes that cost $90 million or more, talking to real estate experts about the justifications (or lack thereof) for such astronomical prices.

In addition to traditional luxury amenities like fitness centers and playrooms, these apartments offer conveniences such as twice-daily maid services, servants' quarters, unparalleled views and, in one case, even an on-call doctor. A consensus of experts agreed that uber-luxury homes should offer proximity to Central Park, at least 10,000 square feet of space and a historically reputable address like Central Park West.

So what do these opulent abodes look like? Check out our gallery, which includes homes from $60 million all the way up to $125 million.

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