What Can You Buy in Miami Beach for $1 Million?

Miami Beach glitters from sunrise to sundown and around again. Is it possible to purchase a home on this glitzy island for less than $1 million?

Photo by: Kara Franker With so many gorgeous places to live in South Florida, it's hard to know where to begin to look for your next home. Not only does Miami Beach have beautiful water views and white sandy beaches, there are charming bungalows for sale that won't break the bank.

Prices for single-family homes on Miami Beach run the gamut. And who are we kidding — most of the luxury houses on the island are going to cost a boatload of cash. Before it was sold at auction, the Versace Mansion was listed for $125 million. 

But there are a few hidden gems (some are even on the water!) that you can sweep up for less than a mil. There are tons of condos for sale that are also under the million-dollar mark, but we've selected five single-family homes for you to peruse. Browse the gallery below to see our finds. 

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