Top Five Ridiculous Chicago Celebrity Price Slashes of 2013

Making our greatest hits countdown are five screaming price cuts designed to bump a sale that made us chuckle, moan, and a couple just never to be duplicated again.

Photo by: Coldwell Banker Living Room of the late cult filmmaker John Hughes' Lake Forest Estate.

Even the famous and famously rich felt the whip of buyers shot-calling, splitting hairs on terms, clipping points and negotiating — forcefully! — just how much they were willing to slap down for a stately crib. Which put sellers (celebrity or not, as it were) at the mercy of whim or fancy, a position of shrinking leverage. Translation: Being able to really walk away, head held high, from a perceived insult of an offer ("I don't have to sell") without worrying if a 20 percent slash  now would make you look desperate, on the prowl.

Here's five listings of real estate theater, a little celebrity camp, parody and Kabuki in our year-end playbill:

via Google Maps Aerial view of singer R. Kelly's foreclosed Chicago home.

A mega-load 22,000-square-foot estate in Olympia Fields (no pun). The R&B Grammy winner ( I Believe I Can Fly) bought the extravagant grounds in 2008 for $2.8 million and quit making payments.  JPMorgan Chase killed the pain on Kelly's foreclosure and legal woes, paying $950,000 at a spring auction on a property that swung in value between $5.2 million to $3.8 million, all in one a year. 

Photo by Coldwell Banker Kitchen of the late filmmaker John Hughes' Lake Forest Estate.

Still on the block, the 11,233-square-foot Lake Forest estate of the late filmmaker with the cult following (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, National Lampoon's Vacation, the Home Alone movies). Originally listed for just shy of $6 million, the 7-bed, 6-bath had a 2013 price whack of $885,000 to an ask of $4.95 million.  

Michael Jordan's Highland Park mansion has its own pro-styled indoor basketball court.

Jordan can't retire this house. The market rolled its collective eyes at the nose-bleed opening price of $29 million. A Thanksgiving-timed auction for number 23's 7-acre, gated Highland Park mansion received no love. Now they're talking an ask of $16 million (that's a $13 million price gut) for a piece of the Jordan brand. 

Photo by Eric Allix Rogers Vince Vaughn's vaulted penthouse in the historic Palm Olive Building in the Gold Coast.

You can't keep something like this quiet. The pocket listing for Vaughn's 12,000-square-foot Palmolive Building penthouse was reported at $24.7 million. In 2012, the price softly dropped to $18.4 million before the comic actor and Blackhawks fan opened it to offers from the public. And then it slivered off another $2 million and sat in a $16.8 million price coma until Vaughn yanked the listing this year. Quietly. He paid $12 million for it in 2006.

via ESPN Charles Oakley in the mix for the Bulls.

The former Bulls power forward (1985-1988) had a weird time with his South Loop condo. Oakley listed his luxe Museum Park 3-bedroom for $979,000, reduced it to $874,000, and finally boomeranged the 2,319-square-footer back to $950,000 this year. The B-Baller dropped $1.1 million for the property in 2005 and caught a buyer for a (not too shabby) $900,000 sale, but that's a $200,000 loss off the buy.

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