The Perfect Cabin Getaway

Homebuyers Bob and Karen relied on Realtor Marty Carpenter to find a second home in one of their favorite vacation spots.

“As I pulled up to the cabin, I could see their eyes light up with anticipation of their possible dream cabin,” Marty said. “It grew quiet as I opened the door, then they entered and started to take it all in. After several minutes of looking and processing, I could tell: After all these years of coming to Kohl’s Ranch, they had finally realized their dream home!”

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  • Name: Marty Carpenter
  • Brokerage: ERA Young Realty & Investment
  • Location: Payson, Ariz.
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After visiting the area for 17 years, Bob and Karen wanted to buy a second home in the mountains around Payson, Ariz. The couple quickly set their sights on a resort area called Kohl’s Ranch, located in the largest stand of Ponderosa trees in the world with a trout-fed creek running through. Realtor Marty Carpenter helped Bob and Karen find their dream cabin – or their “memory maker,” as he fondly calls it.

What was at the top of the homebuyers' wish list?

The buyers were looking for a newer dream cabin east of Payson, Ariz., in the areas of Kohl’s Ranch or Hunter Creek.

How did you go about fulfilling the buyers’ needs? What were the biggest challenges?

I started by pulling up all of the available homes in their criteria at a dollar amount not to exceed. In the area they were looking at in their price range, we were limited on the number of cabins that were newer and were ready to move into. We would find cabins that were dated, but the location wasn’t too bad. Others were on the older side with electrical concerns. It was disheartening not to find what they were looking for in their favorite area, Kohl’s Ranch.

Why did you think this house in particular would be a good fit for Bob and Karen?

This cabin was built in the late ‘50s but had just gone through a labor-of-love complete remodel. It featured a new metal roof, new septic system, flooring, countertops and electrical, and it was ready for the next buyers to create their memories.

How closely did this house match the buyers’ original wish list? What compromises were made?

It was right on the mark! It was located in Kohl’s Ranch, a resort community nestled in the Tonto National Forest. This cabin sat facing a long grass meadow where they could see their weekly elk and deer visitors. It’s just a stone’s throw from the trout-fed creek and a block from Kohl’s Ranch Resort itself for great dining.

The only real compromise that was made was – due to a shortage of comparables for the appraiser – the appraisal came in $28,000 less than the purchase price. I told them on the front side this may happen, but after some thought, it was a no brainer for them. They ponied up the extra money and it was oh-so-worth-it to them!

How did you solve any snags or surprises in the home buying process?

We were fortunate to find an expired listing that the seller had put on an obscure website. One of the biggest surprises for me (that I already knew) was how fortunate we are in our area of having a lot of great homeowners. There’s a real sense of community in our many forested Payson-area communities. I just didn’t realize how fast these homeowners would make this new “memory maker” their own by putting themselves out there and instigating a community gathering. It was great to see how many people attended their first “Music in the Meadow” last July 4th, and I just found out they hosted another Music in the Meadow on Labor Day. It sounds as if they had over twice as many people enjoying the show – it was a big hit!

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