Summer Respite: Unique Pagoda Vacation House in Rosemary Beach, Mich.

Big selling point: It’s a 90-minute drive from Chicago, so it's perfect for a quick weekend jaunt. Pack an itsy-bitsy bikini, a pair of good hiking shoes or sling a knapsack over your shoulder and leave the city for a few resplendent days.

Photo by: Prudential Rubloff The combined coastal and park location blends with the flattering architecture. It equals sweet serenity and balance.

Located at 4534 Iler Drive in Bridgman, Mich., this vacation home is a private slice of R&R. Follow the wooden staircase to the 23' x 24' upper level. Really, does this feel like you’re on a coast in Michigan? The property is at the edge of Grand Meere State Park, where there are roughly 1,000 acres of hiking trails that wind through the park, and you’re two minutes to the beachfront. Do you see yourself walking home on the trail?

Deck on Fabulous Rosemary Beach Vacation Home in Michigan

Photo by: Prudential Rubloff Sliding-glass doors open to a deck that feels like it’s the length of an aircraft runway.

Or you can take in the magic of twilight and the flowing natural landscape of stony steps and surrounding greenery from the handsome deck. If you enjoy living outside during summer, just take a moment and fantasize about what you can do with this space. We did, and it has something to do with the mambo.

Photo by: Prudential Rubloff Spacious living room of the Bridgman vacation home.

Built in 1975, the three-bedroom, two-bath house has climbing windows and a generous floor plan (we love the three separate sitting areas). Here in the living room, the pagoda roof turns into an ornamental, curved wooden ceiling. The home has sleek oak and brick tile flooring throughout and the design has a delightfully minimalist appeal. The gorgeous slate fireplace presents a strong contrast in materials and form. We like to call this “the room of many contented sighs.”

Photo by: Prudential Rubloff Den of the Rosemary Beach vacation home. "Snuggle up," it says.

Notice how the contrasting backdrop of green, gray and white tile creates a natural counterpoint with the brick flooring. This den whispers, “snuggle,” “slippers,” “put another log on.” Slip this note into the back of your daydreaming mind: If you’re considering making this a permanent vacation home, all the furniture and appliances are included in the pretty package. 

Photo by: Prudential Rubloff Dining room of the Bridgman home. Hard to call this a getaway if you never want to leave.

The spiral staircase from the upper floor leads to the lower-level dining room. Just imagine the table stacked high with golden waffles the size of Frisbees and a frothy cappuccino on a Sunday morning. See how your job feels like it’s in a galaxy far, far away? We need places like this to recharge. What’s better than a pagoda home close to sandy beaches with a sunny dining room?

The Rosemary Beach house has an asking price of $375,000, repped by Betty Ramsey of Prudential Rubloff. 

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