Own a Unique Modern Near Atlanta's Turner Field

If you're willing to take a gamble on Summerhill's revival, this could be a fantastic opportunity.

Photo courtesy Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services For the buyer willing to roll the real estate dice, this could be quite the catch. 

Late last year the Atlanta Braves announced plans to leave downtown Atlanta and Turner Field and build a brand new stadium in Cobb County. And ever since, tongues have been wagging about “The Ted” and what will become of it. Some say it will be imploded to make way for a multi-use facility a la the Grove in Los Angeles. Others say that the Georgia State University Panthers football team will take the field. 

The facility was originally built as the Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Summer Games. You can tell by that fiberglass flame in one of the parking lots. 

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced at a press conference in November that The Ted would be demolished and a “middle-class development” would be built in its place, but nothing is in stone. A similar project in London called Highbury Square transformed Arsenal Stadium into an apartment complex. See the incredible transformation here courtesy the BBC. 

If it were rezoned for the first proposal the city would reap rewards through tax dollars. If GSU takes the field, however, it would not as it is a state-funded school.

The residents of Summerhill, the area just outside the stadium, are eager to learn the fate of their neighborhood. It never seemed to have gotten the boost it was promised and home values dropped dramatically. A new entertainment complex could be just what they need. 

We went house hunting in Summerhill to see what’s on the market. There are several great properties waiting for the buyer willing to take a gamble on a somewhat risky venture. One property in particular caught our eye on Richmond Street, which is just a baseball toss from the stadium. It’s a four bedroom, 2.5-bath modern presently listed at $299,000. Comps in the area are significantly lower signaling a possibility for wiggle room. The owner/architect is the current resident so we know it’s being taken care of. It has an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings and three balconies. The kitchen boasts professional grade stainless steel appliances, Italian marble countertops; the bathrooms have snazzy Kohler fixtures.

We think it is a great opportunity for a childless couple, perhaps relocating to Atlanta for the entertainment industry. It could be the smartest move you've ever made. Check out the gallery above and you can see the complete listing at Atlanta Intown’s web site. 

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