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New Yorkers Wine, Dine and Sleep in a 325-Square-Foot Apartment

After spending 24 hours in a micro-unit apartment, these residents are impressed with small-space living.

Photo courtesy of @resourcfurnitur Lina Franco and Challie Stillman host dinner in a 325-square-foot micro-unit apartment at the Museum of the City of New York.

Over the weekend the Museum of the City of New York asked five New Yorkers to spend 24 hours living in a 325-square-foot apartment at the museum as part of an ongoing micro-unit exhibit, "Living Large While Living Small." If their live-tweeting is any indication, the experiences seem to have been overall positive. One person did yoga, another couple even hosted a dinner party.

The multifunctional, space-saving furniture was a source of constant wonder for the residents. "Not only was this bed super comfy, but it's also biodegradable!" Emily Theakston tweeted about the Murphy bed. The couch hides under the bed when it's time for sleep — and the couch itself is a storage compartment for blanket and pillows. Theakston was also a fan of a wooden chair that transforms into a stepladder. "By far one of my favorite designs in the unit. Older idea than you might think!"

Challie Stillman and Lina Franco spent the night in the tiny unit, which is half the size of their 650-square-foot apartment in Williamsburg. "Everyone had a place to sit, had a place to eat, and it worked out perfectly," Stillman, design director for Resource Furniture, told the AP. "You'd have to edit your belongings, definitely. And also, you have to be neat. Everything has to have its place, and if it's not in its place and it's messy in here, you're going to start to get agitated." While Stillman concluded it was possible for a couple to live in such tiny quarters, Franco disagreed. "We would need a little more closet space," she said.

Despite the tight quarters, Franco and Stillman invited six friends for dinner, taking advantage of the expandable kitchen table, which rests in a nesting spot under the kitchen counter when it's not being used. The kitchen chairs, meanwhile, hang from a hook on the wall.

We recommend watching this video from Resource Furniture, which demonstrates all the nifty design touches in the micro-unit: a cube-shaped coffee table that stores stylish stools, a TV-bearing wall panel that slides to reveal storage behind. Even if you can't imagine yourself living in such a tiny home, there are some great space-saving tips to be had.

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