Move-In-Ready Home for a Reunited Family

The Tracy Tidwell Team was able to help an Arkansas family find just the right home – even while one family member was stationed thousands of miles away.

Left: Jon and Robin Jeu stand with their youngest daughter, Abby, at the entrance of their new home in Conway, Ark. Right: The kitchen of the Jeu family's new home features an island and dark beech wood cabinets.

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  • Name: Tracy Tidwell Team
  • Brokerage: ERA Henley Real Estate
  • Location: Conway, Ark.
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Jon and Robin Jeu needed a home large enough for themselves and their three kids, Austin, Jillian and Abby. The challenge: Jon – a member of the Arkansas National Guard – was stationed thousands of miles away in Afghanistan during the home-buying process. Despite the distance, the Tracy Tidwell Team was able to help the family find the perfect place to reconnect after being apart for a year. Tanya Moix, the team’s buyer’s agent, shares how.

What was at the top of the homebuyers’ wish list?

They’re a blended family, so they needed a home large enough to house all five of them comfortably. They wanted a four-bedroom home with a big, open kitchen because they both love to cook, and a bonus room so the kids had somewhere to go. This is funny, but they really wanted the backyard to be long enough or wide enough so Jon could practice with his hunting bow, but that wasn’t a deal-killer.

How did you go about fulfilling the buyers’ needs? What were your biggest challenges?

Since Jon was stationed overseas, the only time Robin could talk with him was early in the morning here, and it was evening where he was stationed. So, Robin and I would look at houses, she would take pictures and send them to Jon, and then she would wait on him until the next morning. So there was always a time lapse, but it got done.

The other big challenge was the school district – that was an absolute must. They wanted their daughter in one of two school areas, so we had a very limited area that we could look for houses. In pulling listings, I had a price range I had to stay within, I had a square footage minimum and I had a bedroom minimum. We did some searches, and fortunately the house that they ended up buying came on the market. They came really close to getting into a bidding war over it, but in the end the offer we submitted beat out the competition and we got it under contract pretty quickly.

Why did you think this house in particular would be a good fit for the family?

It was a four-bedroom, three-bath home. It had a big kitchen and breakfast area, a bonus room and the right-sized backyard – it pretty much had everything they wanted.

How closely did this house match the buyers’ original wish list? What compromises were made?

The only compromise they made was that the home didn’t have a separate storage building or shop. There was a small storage area in the garage, and they decided to make that work instead. Since the house had everything else that they needed, they were willing to make that sacrifice.

How did you solve any snags or surprises in the home buying process?

We got this house under contract contingent on the sale and close of Robin’s house, which sold the first day we put it on the market. So that went well, except for the fact that the buyer changed their financing midway through. When that happens, you have to get everyone to agree to extend both contracts. Then there was another snag in the financing at the very end, so it got extended again. We were able to work with the sellers of the house Robin and Jon were buying to get early occupancy so they could go ahead and move in since Jon was back. Robin really wanted them to be moved into the new house by the time he returned because it’s already a hard enough transition, especially being in close quarters with their stuff packed up. So, we had quite a few hurdles to get through, but we got them moved in with early occupancy, and they got settled in before Jon had to report back to work full time.

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