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After years of hard work in medical school, Ismael Rodriguez and Silvia Villa-Royval worked with Realtor Debbi Hester to buy their dream home: an open contemporary with high-end finishes and fantastic views.

Photo by: MB Gross/ Paso, Texas Behind the home, the pool is the perfect place to take in views of the Franklin Mountains.

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  • Name: Debbi Hester
  • Brokerage: ERA Sellers Buyers & Associates
  • Location: El Paso, Texas
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Years of hard work have paid off for Dr. Ismael Rodriguez and Dr. Silvia Villa-Royval. The couple – he a gerontologist and she an anesthesiologist – met in New York City while completing their internships. When they decided to move back to Silvia’s hometown of El Paso to work in a medically underserved border region, they also found themselves in the position to buy their first house. “All the years of hard work and sleepless nights have paid off, and we now own the home of our dreams,” Silvia says. Learn how Realtor Debbi Hester helped them navigate the tricky process of buying a first place.

What was at the top of the homebuyers’ wish list?

They wanted to live on the west side of El Paso. We have a mountain range that bisects our community, so there’s an east side and a west side. The west side has a completely different view with beautiful sunsets, and it’s typically where you see the best quality and most elegant subdivisions. So they knew they were looking for a very special neighborhood and a very special property. They wanted newer construction and they wanted high-end finishes, so I would call them sophisticated first-time buyers. They were looking for travertine floors, stainless steel appliances, high ceilings, a swimming pool, a view, a yard and a triple-car garage if they could get one.

How did you go about fulfilling the buyers’ needs? What were your biggest challenges?

We did a needs analysis and they told me what they wanted, and then we picked out homes they liked. We saw many homes, but most of them were in a particular area called Park Hills. It’s the quintessential family neighborhood with beautiful manicured medians with flowers and trees, and it has the top schools in the area if and when they have a family. So, we really looked at both their short- and long-term needs.

The biggest challenge was to educate them about the market and show them the inventory so we could narrow down to the top two choices. It’s different when you live in a town and then you move back and buy a home there – and especially for them to go into the top one percent of homes sold this year. The best news for them is they knew what they wanted, and they kept looking until they found it.

Why did you think this house in particular would be a good fit for Ismael and Silvia?

It has the quality of construction and it's in a five-star family neighborhood. It has a brilliant view – in El Paso there are homes that have great views, and then there are some that are back-to-back and have no views, so you really have to be critical on which ones have the most to offer. So here, they have a view looking up at the Franklin Mountains and a canyon behind them, which gives them extraordinary privacy.

How closely did this house match the buyers’ original wish list? What compromises were made?

This house has an open-concept floor plan. There’s a large, impressive great room, and all the windows look out at the pool, canyon and mountains. There’s a dining area and a big open kitchen with an island, so everything is done in this one family great room. I think they probably would have liked a formal dining room, but this house didn’t come with one.

How did you solve any snags or surprises in the home buying process?

Because they were first-time homebuyers, all the critical elements of the homebuying process – the option period, inspections, completing the loan package, the final walk-through – were new to them. And the process has become very stringent. It’s not easy to do this, so I commend them for having the ability to navigate through the first-time homebuying experience. As a seasoned professional, my job is to hold their hands and carry it through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The nicest thing for me is that these are wonderful people, so I’m so fortunate that I got to work with this great couple. Not only did they find their dream home, but all their dreams are coming true: They’re doctors, they’ll be starting a family and they’ll be helping our community.

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