Kenny Rogers-Designed Compound Price Slash

Located near Athens, Ga., the 973-acre compound has everything an active family of 50 could ever want.

Photo by: Courtney Seabrook Astor All three of the properties' lakes are stocked for fishing all year long.

Known to many as “The Gambler,” country crooner Kenny Rogers takes a lot of risks in areas other than the entertainment world. He rolled his dice into the fast food industry in 1991 with Kenny Rogers Roasters and came up with snake eyes in the United States. The chain still survives, however, in parts of Asia including Malaysia and Singapore. The Six Pack star also dips his toe into the rough waters of real estate and several years ago invested in a golf property about an hour and a half outside of Atlanta that is currently on the market.

Kenny Rogers

Photo by: Samir Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers

If you’re looking for your very own corporate or family retreat and have that kind of cash stashed away, this European-style 973-acre compound known as Beaver Dam Farms has it all.

Before he sold the property for $10.5 million in 2003, Rogers reportedly poured $40 million into the retreat. Priced at $8.5 million, the Beaver has languished on the market for almost a year, and $1 million was chopped off the price tag. So, you’re practically stealing it!

Built in 1981, the private estate comes complete with an 18-hole golf course and tennis courts; a 55,000-square-foot equestrian center with beds large enough for Silver to sleep with you; a clubhouse and a stocked lake. The main house (because you need two) has seven bedrooms, six and half baths and a pool. There are, count ‘em, four guest villas along with a four-bedroom, four-bath guesthouse that all share a common area with pond, separate pool and spa and a large dining hall. Did we mention there are three ponds? Well, there are.

The Beaver sleeps up to 50 comfortably and includes a suite of staff apartments and offices. There are lots of hot tubs, jetted tubs, media rooms, mirrors and other '80s accouterments that add to the overall charm.

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