How to Design a Stylish and Playful Kid’s Room

We wanted to know how to design the perfect kid's room with a combination of contemporary style and playfulness, so we turned to the experts at Addison House in Miami.

Photo courtesy of Addison House Blending proportion and size, this bedroom design by Zalf features a desk area, storage and a unique style.

Want to make sure your kids have the coolest rooms on the block? Here are three style tips from design pro Niza Aizenman with Addison House in South Florida. 

1. Choose Colors and a Theme: Have a theme in mind prior to going furniture shopping. A critical part of the design, color represents 60 percent of our response to an object or place. It's best to keep contrasts to a minimum, but that doesn't mean that everything must be the same color, or that the colors have to be from the same family. Your color palette should feel harmonious, but you might want to avoid over stimulation by staying away from glowing tones. 

2. Implement Organization and FunctionalityWhen designing a space for your child, it's important to combine their personal style with practical functionality. Create kid-friendly spaces by using boxes and baskets inside furniture to store toys and books. Typically starting at 6 years of age, kids know what they like and dislike, so including them in some of the design decisions is a great way to make them feel proud of their room. 

3. Create a Sense of Harmony and Balance: Create a place for your kids where they can experience both creativity and serenity. Find ways to incorporate your child's interests and passions in the design and then make sure that there is a sense of calm for times of rest and relaxation. 

Located in Miami's Aventura neighborhood, contemporary furniture brand Addison House, recently launched a new kids division called Addison Kids. Housed steps from Addison House’s showroom in a 4,000-square-foot gallery, Addison Kids carries contemporary furniture and accessories from stylish European brands for children and teens. Visit the Addison House showroom located at 2850 NE 187 Street in Aventura, Fla. 

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