Come Home to Historic Ansley Park

Atlanta’s storied neighborhood was good enough for the governors of Georgia and Margaret Mitchell.

Photo by: Rod Collins This historic Greek revival home is located right in the City of Atlanta near every modern convenience. 

Visitors to Atlanta inevitably remark on how green and lush the city is -- especially during springtime when the dogwoods and azaleas bloom or even in summer after months of consistent rains feed thirsty hydrangeas and roses. And while it is debatable, Ansley Park might just be the city’s prettiest 'hood, a poster child for this foliate splendor in the grass. Founded in 1904, it was designed by Edwin Ansley as a “car community” for the wealthy and affluent. Of course they needed wide, long and winding roads dotted with parks and shaded by trees on which to navigate their newly acquired Ford Model Ts and As and Olds.

Thanks to the parks, followed by the opulent and diverse architecture, Ansley Park was a hit. Homes in the district are an amalgamation of eclectic and contemporary suburban architecture, including Greek revival-inspired, federal, neoclassical, Colonial, Italian Renaissance, Queen Anne and Tudor constructs; Craftsman bungalows are also quite popular in the area. When the nearby governor’s mansion was demolished, the state’s top dog got a new house, a large granite one, situated on three acres in Ansley Park. As a matter of fact, it belonged to Mr. Ansley. The manse housed 11 governors from 1925 to 1968 before it was sadly razed and the lots were parceled off.

The good news is that there are many historically significant structures still standing and this Saturday and throughout the month of August, a series of guided walking tours take place courtesy of The Atlanta Preservation CenterGroups meet up at historic Rhodes Hall at 5 p.m. when the weather, hopefully, cools down.

And should you have a cool $1.5 million to spare, there’s a Greek Revival-style mansion located on 15th Street on the market. Built in 1907, the six-bedroom house features grand Ionic columns and a large portico, six fireplaces, an oversized formal dining room, a library, updated kitchen and many original and vintage details. There’s also a two-story guesthouse for the rowdies. What we like most of all is the way the fully gated grand dame sits amongst Atlanta’s towering skyscrapers in a way that screams, “I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

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