6 Killer Modern and Classic Chicago Lobbies

Have you ever been tempted to move into a building because the lobby -- the entryway, not the apartment -- had your number?

via Randolph Tower Aparments Lobby of renovated Randolph Tower City Apartments in the Loop.

It happens in an instant. You push through the door, glide across the threshold that separates "inside" from "out" and either something clicks or it doesn't. You feel invited, or not. Warmth or a coolness that's borders on an uncomfortable antiseptic. (We won't even get into entrances that are non-starters, the kind that make you feel scarred, marred or broken, or the antiquated re-marketed as "vintage." All ignite the fight-to-flight response.)

When a lobby works, its character is speaking. Architects and designers plot like chemists to strike an elemental pose of shape, color, texture, light and space. Grandiose or intimate, ornate or minimalist, it's what you might call the first and unavoidable "handshake" of the building

We've long been particularly fascinated with apartment lobbies. From the bewitchingly ugly to the outlandishly comical (present company excluded) to tenement glam. We picked these lobbies of varying historic, classic and modern design trappings for purely voyeuristic reasons.

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