• Houseboat Bedroom, Deluxe Edition

    A master suite with plenty of room, and no need for a waterbed.    See the Image

  • Houseboat Sweet Houseboat In Sausalito

    According to the locals, the dock is more than just a sidewalk - it's a meeting-ground where neighbors commune.    See the Image

  • Floating Kitchen Island

    Published 06/24/13 in Houses
    Floating Kitchen Island

    Virtually indistinguishable from a landlubber's kitchen, the deluxe model has all the comforts of home.    See the Image

  • The Million-Dollar Houseboat

    What would you get if you bought at the high end of the current market's houseboat? Here's your curb ... er, dock appeal. Inside, there's two bedrooms and three bathrooms in 1,500 square feet.    See the Image

  • Houseboat Terrace, Deluxe Edition

    Is it a deck? Is it a porch? It's both, and that's quite a view.    See the Image

  • Houseboat Bathroom, Deluxe Edition

    It's a jacuzzi afloat in a harbor. Doesn't that just make your head spin?    See the Image

  • Houseboat Terrace, Basic Edition

    Plenty of room to grill, entertain and create a marvelous container garden.    See the Image

  • The $325,000 Houseboat

    Published 06/24/13 in Houses
    The $325,000 Houseboat

    At the other end of the scale, things are still adorable, but a little rough around the edges. And smaller: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom in 900 square feet.    See the Image

  • Houseboat Kitchen, Basic Edition

    It may be cozy, but it's got everything you need. Plus: Cutest oven ever!    See the Image

  • Houseboat Bathroom, Basic Edition

    It's not luxury accommodations, but it gets the job done.    See the Image