• It’s rumored that President Harry Truman wrote the Truman Letters while on this boat. Custom-built for hotelier Baron Conrad Hilton, this houseboat sits on a white-sand beach in Islamorada.…   See the Image

  • Home Exterior: Houseboat in Seattle

    Sophisticated, innovative design ideas maximize the interior and exterior of this stunning home.   See the Gallery

  • Home Office: Houseboat in Seattle

    Waiting for the big idea to strike? There's plenty to inspire in this airy, bright work space. Everything you need is here: comfortable seating, generous (yet subtle) storage, and you can't beat the…   See the Image

  • Dining Room View: Houseboat in Seattle

    Slide back glass doors and serve up cocktails on the deck. The houseboat's clean lines, anchored by custom furnishings, never compete with its spectacular location.   See the Image

  • Dining Room: Houseboat in Seattle

    With easy access to the kitchen, this dining area means hosts never have to leave the party and guests get to drink in the city view.   See the Image

  • Kitchen: Houseboat in Seattle

    The kitchen may be petite, but thoughtful design elements like a wraparound countertop and bar seating make the most of every inch.   See the Image

  • Living Room: Houseboat in Seattle

    The lower level hosts an open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows. Sliding doors lead to the deck, just fingertips away from the glittering water.   See the Image

  • Home Exterior: Houseboat in Seattle

    This sleek, contemporary houseboat by architect Jim Olsen weighs in at only 1,000 square feet. But with wraparound windows, epic skyline views, luxury amenities and of course waterfront access, this…   See the Image

  • Amazing Water Homes: Fennell Houseboat

    A unique design by Robert Oshatz, this houseboat features a curved design that certainly stands out. A floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door allows a spacious feeling indoors as well as a passageway to…   See the Image

  • Amazing Water Homes: S.S. Yankee Boathouse

    Expanding city living space, the S.S. Yankee is an ideal place for luxury living in a crowded city. It was originally a ferry boat transporting immigrants to Ellis Island, providing true historic…   See the Image