• The Augustine Hotel in Prague

    Published 02/18/14 in Places

    The seven buildings that make up The Augustine date back to 1284 and showcase elegant Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles. Originally a monastery in the heart of Prague, the property has been…   See the Image

  • Hotel Klosterbräu in Austria

    Published 02/18/14 in Places

    You'll feel like you're in The Sound of Music at this 500-year-old monastery turned five-star luxury hotel. It's located in the town of Seefeld, one of Austria's most popular resort…   See the Image

  • Lego Royal Terrace Hotel Edinburgh

    Warren Elsmore, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, recreates famous buildings and landmarks out of Lego parts. The former IT consultant, now a full-time Lego artist, uses special computer software to map…   See the Image

  • House of Cards: Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

    Professional "cardstacker" Bryan Berg stands by his replica of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, which took 44 days to build.   See the Image

  • The Atlanta Skyline Looking South

    This is a view of Downtown Atlanta looking towards the Olympic Torch from the 1996 Summer Games, the Hyatt Regency and the Westin Peachtree Plaza.    See the Image

  • Did you know that Miami Beach’s Art Deco District is the youngest community to ever make the National Register of Historic Places? Structures featuring white façades and sleek designs line one of…   Read the Blog

  • Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District features iconic buildings mostly constructed between the 1920s and 1940s. Today these sleek structures with…   See the Gallery

  • Park Central Hotel

    Published 01/21/14 in Places

    Built in 1937, the Park Central Hotel was a Hollywood hangout for stars like Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Rita Hayworth. Known as "The Blue Jewel" it was also one of the first art deco-style…   See the Image

  • Beacon Hotel

    Published 01/21/14 in Places

    Constructed in 1936, the Beacon Hotel features 75 boutique hotel rooms and is located on the 700 block of Ocean Drive.   See the Image

  • Colony Hotel

    Published 01/21/14 in Places

    The Colony Hotel is famous for its shimmering blue neon sign that lights up Ocean Drive. This art deco treasure was built in 1935 and is one of the most photographed hotels on South Beach.   See the Image