• The Presidential Suite sits on the 17th floor of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica Beach. Open the windows and drink in the breathtaking Southern California beach views. The suite features a…   See the Image

  • Endangered: Chicago's Guyon Hotel. It had one of Chicago's worst raps, affiliated with mobster Al Capone. Built for $1.65 million (approximately $22 million today), the now vacant hotel has been the…   See the Image

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  • Located about an hour outside of Lisbon in Évora, Portugal, the Convento do Espinheiro hotel is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 15th-century convent has been transformed into a…   See the Image

  • Showcasing Old World charm, Hotel El Convento in historic San Juan originated as a Carmelite convent in 1646. With only 58 rooms on the property, the hotel features Spanish Colonial architecture and…   See the Image

  • Once a Benedictine monastery that started in the 6th century, Parador Santo Estevo is a luxury hotel located in northern Spain. Each of the hotel rooms are unique. Three cloisters on the…   See the Image

  • Castel Monastero in Tuscany

    Published 02/18/14 in Places

    With its vaulted ceilings and broad beams, the Castel Monastero was originally built as the Sarna Castle in 1044 in medieval Tuscany. It became a monastery about 100 years later then passed through…   See the Image

  • Hotel Monasterio in Peru

    Published 02/18/14 in Places

    The hotel was originally built as a Spanish monastery in 1595 on the site of the palace of Inca Amaru Qhala. Featuring more than 100 rooms decorated in colonial art, the Hotel Monasterio is among the…   See the Image

  • The Augustine Hotel is named after the still functioning, Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery, which was established in the 13th century. Guests of hotel can peruse the private library…   See the Image