• Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Presidential Bedroom

    The presidential suite has played host to President Bill Clinton and his wife, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Robert Redford, Kid Rock and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, just to name a…   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Earlier Days

    This image was taken during the hotel's boom time. It would see many economic changes, and the area was even once a Skid Row. Lower Downtown, or LoDo for those in know, thrives once again.   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Lobby

    After a seven year renovation, the lobby was restored to its former historic glory and boasts an incredible collection of art. Many artists who came out West traded works for longterm lodging and bar…   See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Original Lobby

    The hotel was once "a city unto itself" and guests often booked longterm stays and never left the property.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Entrance

    Today the Oxford Hotel is one of Denver's finest lodging establishments and certainly the most historic.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Fireplace

    Located in the completely renovated and restored lobby, the fireplace is a great spot to enjoy a martini from the adjacent Cruise Room or curl up with a good book from the hotel's lobby.    See the Image

  • Denver's Historic Oxford Hotel, Art Deco Days

    During the 1930s, Denver architect Charles Jaka remodeled the Oxford and transformed it to an Art Deco masterpiece. The original facade was restored in the seven-year renovation.    See the Image

  • Kate Pierson's Lazy Desert

    Okay, we’re attracted to shiny things, especially groovy midcentury Airstream motor homes. Sometimes late at night we fantasize about packing one up and venturing out across America, but then reality…   Read the Blog

  • Kate Pierson's Lazy Meadow, Cottage Kitchen

    The B52's lead singer and her partner Monica Coleman run two resort parks outfitted with retro cabins and decorated Airstream campers. One is located in Upstate New York and the other is just outside…   See the Gallery

  • Kate Pierson's Lazy Desert, Airstream Art

    Kate's Lazy Desert is an Airstream Hotel in the desert town of Landers, Calif., which is about an hour east of Big Bear Lake. It is owned by award-winning hotel mavens Kate Pierson of the B-52s and…   See the Image