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  • Before: Focal Point Frenzy

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Focal Point Frenzy

    With multiple focal points, this Malibu home's master bedroom was a confusing space. The fireplace, built-in headboard and large windows boasting spectacular views make it difficult for potential…   See the Image

  • After: Bold Master Bedroom

    Accenting the many focal points with bold artwork, an intriguing telescope and bright white bedding brings attention to each asset of the room without making it feel cluttered. The telescope is a…   See the Image

  • Before: Boring Bedroom

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Boring Bedroom

    While the Malibu, Calif., views are spectacular from this bedroom's two large windows, the views alone won't sell the home. This bedroom is in dire need of a design direction.   See the Image

  • After: Pretty Perspective

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Pretty Perspective

    The incredible views stand out in a neutral space. A large white headboard creates a cozy space, while still keeping the room bright and open. The lush bedding softens the modern room but doesn't…   See the Image

  • Before: Unusable Space

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Unusable Space

    A series of three connecting rooms in this Bel Air home had no clear purpose. With steep vaulted ceilings and little wall space, this room may have seemed like unusable space to potential buyers.   See the Image

  • After: Functional Family Space

    To accent the high ceilings, the Staged to Perfection crew hung the curtains at the top of the wall and hung tall artwork to draw a potential buyer's eyes up, emphasizing the height of the room. The…   See the Image

  • Before: Wall Space Shortfall

    Lots of cabinetry and shelving space make this living room, kitchen and breakfast nook a tough spot to furnish. With seemingly no wall space to anchor the furniture, the living room and breakfast…   See the Image

  • After: Downstairs Defined

    This Melrose, Calif., home's downstairs space is transformed from one large, puzzling room to four distinct spaces. Desk chairs were placed under the wall of shelving to create a casual office space,…   See the Image

  • Before: Limited Living Room

    This Venice Beach home's long and narrow living room looked unappealing to potential buyers because of the space restrictions. It is difficult to imagine entertaining guests in such a tight space.   See the Image

  • After: Nicely Natural

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Nicely Natural

    Bringing the outdoors inside with natural wood and elegant green accents allows this room to flow beautifully with the adjoining patio. A large mirror placed across from the patio visually expands…   See the Image

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