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Tips for Homebuyers

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: See if You Qualify for a Renovation Loan

    Stephanie Carroll of Philadelphia qualified for an FHA 203K loan, which is “a great option for anyone looking to buy a home, but is especially appealing for female buyers because they can customize…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Have a Backup Plan

    Lauren Bowling of Atlanta notes that since single women are responsible for all their own debts, they need to have about twice as much money in the bank as they originally estimated,…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Don't Be Afraid of Renovation

    “It’s a great way to get the exact home you want, or get a good deal on a home that others may be overlooking,” says Lauren Bowling, who chronicles her purchase and complete remodel of a foreclosure…   See the Image

  • Home Buying Tips for Single Women: Follow Your Heart

    Oregon marketing expert Kim Beeler says if you love a certain lifestyle and can afford it, don’t let others dissuade you. She's pictured here in front of her current home, which she wishes she…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Compare Renting Vs. Buying

    When 24-year-old Kayla Chapman of Columbus, Ohio, found out her monthly payments would be the same whether she bough or rented, she decided to take the plunge.   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Start Basic, Then Upgrade

    “Don’t start with pricey flooring or bells and whistles in an unstable market. Go simple and chic until time to upgrade and be open to the magic,” advises Kahshanna Evans of Kissing Lions PR. She's…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Consider Your Future

    Salt Lake City attorney Jan Allred says, “I bought my house (in a PUD) when I still had two children at home. Now I’m an empty nester, and I don’t need all of the space. Also, keep in mind that you…   See the Image

  • Homebuying Tips for Single Women: Take a Homeownership Class

    Maryland financial expert Harrine Freeman, CEO/owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises, took a homeownership class that discussed preventing foreclosure, home inspection, etc., and highly recommends it.   See the Image

  • "Opportunity exists when preparation meets the right timing. And when purchasing a home in Miami, you must be prepared and organized in order to find the best opportunity," Samantha…   Read the Blog

  • Atlanta Homes For Sale, May 2014, Midtown

    Buying a home may be one of the only business transactions where it is equally as important to listen your heart and your head. While the pragmatic side of you shouts for a good school district, the…   Read the Blog

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