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  • Thanks to the recent merger, Louisville now encompasses all of Jefferson County in its Metro government. Like many other such marriages, however, it still has two personalities. There's the…   Read the Article

  • CENTRAL Midtown The movers and shakers in Sacramento are drawn to Midtown for its energy and vibe. Comprised of residential and retail areas within a 13 by 22 block area near the state capitol,…   Read the Article

  • KEY TERMS AND PHRASES Sac: Longtime residents are more likely to refer to their hometown as Sac, Sacto or Sactown than the more accurate and bigger mouthful of Sacramento. Sac Bee: Likewise, the…   Read the Article

  • Urban Buying Tips

    Published 02/12/13 in Real Estate
    HGTV Urban Oasis 2012: Terrace

    Whether you're buying a waterfront condo in Miami or a New York City brownstone, multi-family dwellings like condos and lofts are the norm in big cities. Consider these tips from downtown market…   Read the Article

  • Serene Urban Apartment, designer Tara Benet

    The quintessential American dream used to include a suburban house with big yard, but homebuyers are increasingly dreaming of a walkable urban lifestyle along with their dog and two kids. Flight…   Read the Article

  • One thing’s for sure -- homeownership is more complicated than renting. When you rent, you pay first and last months’ rent, the security deposit and you move in. When you own a home, your costs are a…   Read the Article

  • These days, real estate consumers can get all sorts of information online about a particular property -- number of beds and baths, lot size, even standardized rankings of nearby schools. Multiple…   Read the Article

  • CENTRAL Historic Downtown District This is the heart of Savannah, the 2.5-square-mile district of old homes and squares. Housing styles come in all flavors, from Federal to Italianate and Queen…   Read the Article

  • It's easy to be awe-struck by a razzle-dazzle listing. Everyone loves to look at marble countertops, hot tubs and master suites, but make sure a home meets your practical needs before you start…   Read the Article

  • The Real Estate Bubble has Burst...Mortgage Meltdown...Home Sales Thud to Five-Year Low! These are the dramatic headlines that dominate the national conversations about the housing market, but what…   Read the Article

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