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  • Blue Ridge, Georgia: $300,000

    This week we've toured the country to select four homes with eye-catching design and attractive price tags. From spectacular mountain vistas to open floor plans for entertaining, these homes have…   Read the Blog

  • Blue Ridge, Georgia: $300,000

    Browse pictures of homes for sale and check out what you can get for $300,000.   See the Gallery

  • Price Reduced (Finally! Hurray!)

    The San Francisco Bay Area has a long history of being crazy expensive. Heck, guards at Alcatraz, which closed in the 1930s, opted to live on residences on the Rock because the rent was cheaper than…   Read the Article

  • San Francisco Real Estate Signs

    A new report discussed in Forbes Magazine lists 20 cities with an increase in real estate prices. It's no surprise that San Francisco is at the #2 spot (after Las Vegas) with a 24.5% increase. But…   Read the Article

  • Mortgage Signing

    While more and more straight couples are opting to live together without a marriage license, recent Supreme Court decisions have enabled LGBT couples to tie the knot, and increasing numbers are…   Read the Article

  • There's Help For Homebuyers In California

    Searching for a home is one thing: You know how many bedrooms you need, your preferred school districts and your deal breakers. Searching for a mortgage loan is a whole different pain point,…   Read the Article

  • Taclott Place: Kitchen

    The new owners will probably want to replace the dated appliances and open up the small kitchen.    See the Image

  • Embry Circle: Exterior

    Published 07/31/13 in Houses
    Embry Circle: Exterior

    The neighborhood of Embry Hills is a hotbed for growing families wishing to stay inside the perimeter.    See the Image

  • Embry Circle: Living Room

    Published 07/31/13 in Houses
    Embry Circle: Living Room

    The house was built in 1960 with two generations calling this living room home.    See the Image

  • Embry Circle: Living Room Window

    We envision Jonathan working his magic in this sweet living room and perhaps adding a larger picture window.    See the Image

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