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Tips for Homebuyers

  • Benefit of Investing in Foreclosures

    With an average foreclosure discount of 44 percent, these 10 college towns offer parents, alumni and other prospective real estate investors plenty of opportunity to purchase a bargain property…   See the Image

  • A Three Cheers-Worthy Wine Cellar

    Toast any occasion with wine from your very own collection.   See the Image

  • Serious Curves

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Serious Curves

    The curving railing follows the graceful lines of the masterful spiral staircase.   See the Image

  • Picturesque Pool

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Picturesque Pool

    This tempting pool is perfect for pool parties or more laid-back lounging.   See the Image

  • Comfortable Style

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Comfortable Style

    Warm wood finishes add a soft glow to the comfortable, yet luxurious living room.   See the Image

  • Book Lover's Paradise

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Book Lover's Paradise

    Pick a chair, any chair, and curl up for the day in this impressive library.   See the Image

  • Quite a Kitchen

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Quite a Kitchen

    This tricked-out kitchen is every foodie's dream.    See the Image

  • Guests Welcome

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Guests Welcome

    When guests come to stay, treat them to their own guesthouse.   See the Image

  • A Grand Entrance

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    A Grand Entrance

    Arrive in style at the estate's stately front drive.   See the Image

  • A Luxurious Country Estate

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    A Luxurious Country Estate

    A bird's eye view of this 6-acre estate shows off sweeping lawns and lush landscaping.   See the Image

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